Tax Services


TaxPrime Services – at a Glance

  • Transfer Pricing

    At TaxPrime, our division of transfer pricing comprises experienced professional that can help MNEs in the following services :

    • Transfer Pricing Planning
    • Transfer Pricing Documentation
    • Transfer Pricing Diagnostic Review
    • Transfer Pricing Benchmarking studies
    • Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution
    • Transfer Pricing in-house training
  • Tax Dispute Resolution

    At TaxPrime, our professionals have extensive experiences to handle tax dispute resolution cases in audit as well as to litigate tax case in objections and appeals. We will help you understand tax dispute and risks attributable to it. We will also provide multiple consultation services to defend your tax position in audit, objection, and appeals, so you can relieve from tax dispute resolution cases. Among of our services you will find are :

    • Tax Dispute Prevention
    •  Tax Audit Assistance
    • Tax Objections and Appeals Assistance
  • Tax Refund

    With our deep understanding of tax regulations, we will assist you to diagnose your tax position whether any risk of penalties may arise due to tax overpayment position. Next step, we will suggest risk mitigation plan strategies that will introduce necessary action to fix the problem, and finally will assist in multiple tax assistance during audit process.

    • Tax Provision

      We will assist with broad range of Tax Provision Services, including outsourcing in preparation of Value Added Tax Return, Income Tax Return, Withholding Tax Return, and other tax compliance services. With our resources we will manage your tax compliance in timely and accurate manner.

    • Tax Consulting

      We have full capabilities to discuss with you regarding all taxation matters domestic, international, and across business fields.  We will provide consultation not only for the controversies and grey areas in tax regulations, but also for your day-to-day compliance with tax regulations, tax auditing and tax appeals.

    • Tax Exempt

      In order to encourage the economic growth, recently the governments in across jurisdiction give many tax incentives to Taxpayers. Such regulations contain facilities that can be utilized by Taxpayers to cut down cash flow and improve tax efficient strategy. Our deep understanding in tax regulations will help you set up tax strategy by utilizing available tax facilities and incentives in order to improve efficient cash flow and tax burden.  We will also involve in filling tax facilities for example Value Added Tax Exempt Letter, Income Tax Article 22 Exempt Letter, and etc.

    • Tax Diagnostic Review

      With Tax Diagnostic Review, taxprime’ professionals will analyze your tax structure to assess risks that may create eye catching components to tax authority. We will also give suggestions and recommendations of risk mitigation strategy for short and long term

    • Tax Efficient Structuring

      With Tax Efficient Structuring, we will begin our approaches by understanding your business, mapping tax risks within overall business process, and restructuring overall business process or transactions in a tax efficient manner. Finally we will give recommendation to mitigate risk and exposures arising at each process.

    • International Tax Planning

      The business decisions such as where to locate subsidiaries, branches and business units, how to structure the supply chain, and how to finance global operations, can be very critical and have direct influences on global tax risk profile. This environment, if not managed well, can be burdensome to MNE.