Tax Dispute Resolution | Tax Dispute in Indonesia

Tax Dispute Resolution | Tax Dispute in Indonesia

Tax dispute may arise at any time in defending tax position to tax authorities. Tax dispute is usually attributable to controversies and grey area in the application of tax regulation, but in some cases the lack of defending tax position strategy becomes the main trigger. The other major cause may come from the lack understanding of tax regulations.

At TaxPrime, our professionals have extensive experiences to handle tax dispute resolution cases in audit as well as to litigate tax case in objections and appeals.  Our experiences comprise tax dispute cases involving various business fields. We also have capabilities in handling international tax dispute through Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) and Advances Pricing Agreement (APA).

As a result, we will help you understand tax dispute and risks attributable to it. We will also provide multiple consultation services to defend your tax position in audit, objection, and appeals, so you can relieve from tax dispute resolution cases. Among of our services you will find are :

  • Tax Dispute Prevention;

By understanding your business, we can set up policies and business process that can provide safeguard model against tax audit and disputes.

  •  Tax Audit Assistance; and

We provide consultation during the DGT audit process and respond to the auditor’s requirement on documentation or information. During audit process we will give assistance to reduce potential and significant audit adjustments including negotiation with tax auditors whether tax dispute can be resolved in audit level. We will also give recommendation whether tax dispute in audit is worth to be resolved under tax objections and appeals.

  • Tax Objections and Appeals Assistance

We will review the tax dispute cases arising from audit, and take time to consider risks and exposures if such disputes will be further resolved under tax objection and appeals. During tax objections and appeals, we will help you respond to tax authorities’ and tax court’ queries to defend your tax position. We also will perform necessary data mining, and gather information that support your tax position.