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  • Taxprime is registered service mark owned by Soewito, Fajar, and Partners Tax Consulting Firm. The Firm currently maintains office in Menara Kuningan 15th Floor, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 5 Blok. X-7 Karet Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940. The firm was founded by Mr. Soewito and Mr. Muhamad Fajar Putranto on 2012.

    Mr. Soewito serves as the Firm’s senior partner and Mr. Muhammad Fajar Putranto assumes position as the Firm’s managing partner of the Firm. Before establishing the Firm, both of them served as tax officer of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), the tax authority of Indonesia. Mr. Soewito’s last position in DGT before founding the Firm was Head of Tax Office, and Mr. Fajar’s last position was account representative of Large Tax Office Two (LTO2). In addition to professional experiences through Taxprime, they gained tax and accounting experiences during their service with DGT.

    Beside Mr. Soewito and Mr. Fajar, the Firm is also reinforced by partners and associates that have significance experiences in tax and accounting. Most of them served as tax officers of DGT before joining the Firm. Here are brief profiles of the Firm’s partners associates :

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  • Soewito
  • Muhamad Fajar Putranto
    Muhamad Fajar Putranto
  • Mochamad Akbar Abadi
    Mochamad Akbar Abadi
  • Ngakan Putu Ardana
    Ngakan Putu Ardana
  • Abdurahman
  • Ridho Ribbon Hutapea
    Ridho Ribbon Hutapea
  • Nurul Chalik Wardoyo
    Nurul Chalik Wardoyo
  • Wawan Setiyo Hartono
    Wawan Setiyo Hartono


Senior Partner

Soewito is the firm’s senior partner and founder of the firm. Prior to establishing the Firm, Soewito worked for the Directorate General of Taxes (Indonesia Tax Authority) for 35 years, during which he held various managerial positions. His last position before retired was head of tax office.

Soewito got bachelor degree in accounting from College of State Finance Science (STIKN), and then completed his master degree in Finance and Management from Bhayangkara University. He is a fellow of Indonesia Tax Consultant Association and holds Certified Tax Consultant; Brevet C. He also holds Registered Tax Lawyer at Indonesia Tax Court.

Muhamad Fajar Putranto
Muhamad Fajar Putranto - TaxPrime Partner

Muhamad Fajar Putranto – TaxPrime Partner

Tax and Transfer Pricing Technical Advisor

Mr Fajar is Managing Partner and founder of the firm with over 16 years of experience with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT). During his service in DGT, he involved in many cases at every phase including voluntary compliance, audit, objection, and appeal with a significant emphasis on transfer pricing, international taxation, corporate income tax, and value-added tax. He also had broad experience to handle tax aspects of Multinational Enterprises which he obtained during his works in Foreign Investment Tax Office Four, Large Taxpayers Office Two, and Large Taxpayers Regional Office as a member of transfer pricing task-force team.

Mr Fajar concentrates on representing clients before DGT in tax counselling, audit, and objection, as well as the Indonesian Tax Court in the litigation of some the largest and most complex cases. Since the incorporation of TaxPrime, he has successfully defended many clients from some of the greatest potential tax assessment involving a wide variety of domestic and international tax issues including transfer pricing particularly related to cross-border sales of commodities, license of intangibles, intragroup service, business restructuring; international tax, corporate and individual tax management.

The vast majority of his matters have been resolved without litigation, through discussion and presentation of the case to tax auditors, objection, and other administrative dispute resolution processes. His approach is unique and relies on the understanding of the client’s business in a wide variety of industries including mining, automotive, oil and gas, and commodities.

Mr Fajar earned a diploma degree in taxation from State College of Accountancy (STAN) and a bachelor degree in accounting from Asian Banking and Finance Institute (ABFI) Perbanas. He also holds Legal Representative License for tax appeal in Tax Court.

Mochamad Akbar Abadi



Prior joining TaxPrime, he worked for 16 years for Indonesian Tax Authority (Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance) and held many key positions such as Auditor on Tax Audit Joint Committee between Directorate General of Taxes & Directorate General of Customs & Excise, Chief of Audit Section and Chief of Monitoring & Consultation Section.

Akbar got his diploma degree in accounting from State College of Accountancy (STAN) and his accountant title from the same institution, then earned his master degree in Magister Management from Padjadjaran University in 2005.

Ngakan Putu Ardana



Ngakan Putu Ardana has worked for the Directorate General of Taxes (Indonesia Tax Authority) for 16 years. During that time he had held several positions such as corporate, withholding & VAT auditor. His last position is account representative at Tamansari Dua Tax Office. He has a well knowledge in international tax, tax audit, tax objection, tax advisory, tax appeal and others.

Ngakan got tax diploma program degree from State College of Accountancy (STAN). He also graduated bachelor degree from University of Indonesia majoring in Economic (Finance Management) and then earned master degree in tax administration and policy from Social & Political Science Faculty University of Indonesia.




Abdurahman graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) in 1989, graduated from Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia in 1996 and worked for Directorate General of Taxes for 17 years, most of his carrier in DGT act as Tax Auditor, in 2005 he moved to several multinational companies in Jakarta as a Tax Manager, and finally he decided to Join Taxprime as a Partner.

Abdurahman has well knowledge and experiences in tax compliance, tax advisory, tax audit and tax dispute resolution.

Ridho Ribbon Hutapea



Ridho is a Certified Tax Consultant starting his career at the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta for more than 5 years. During the employment, he was responsible for Appealing the state owned companies in term of financial and performance Appeal. After that, 7 years was spent by him to work as Assistant to CEO – Tax Specialist at PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur, Tbk. Ridho also manage his own Tax Consulting firm (Tama Consulting) and he was honoured to joined  TaxPrime as one of the Partner.

In term of educational background and professional certification, he has solid educational background with bachelor degree in Accounting earned from State College of Accounting (STAN), and also possessed professional licenses as follows:

1. Registered Tax Consultant (SI-1656/PJ/2009)
2. License for Appeal in Tax Court (KEP-151/PP/IKH/2008)
3. Registered Accountant No.D-31.932 – Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

Nurul Chalik Wardoyo

pak chalik-02


Chalik has worked for the Directorate General of Taxes (Indonesia Tax Authority) for 21 years. He began his career in 1992 in South Jakarta Tax Office II (two) which was renamed to Kebayoran Baru Tax Office as a Tax Auditor. In the year of 2013, he served in the Foreign Investment Large Tax Office IV (four) as a Tax Auditor.

Chalik earned his diploma degree in the Taxation Diploma Program from State College of Accountancy (STAN). He completed his bachelor degree in Management from the University of Persada Indonesia (YAI) and he also earned Master degree in the same field from the University Bhayangkara Raya Jakarta (Ubhara Jakarta).

Wawan Setiyo Hartono

wawan 1

Before Joining TaxPrime, Mr Wawan has over eight (8) years of experience working for DGT in which he was responsible for monitoring and advising compliance of the biggest multinational enterprises in Indonesia administered by the Large Taxpayers Office Two (LTO 2). He also served as LTO2 and Large Taxpayers Regional Office (LTRO) counsel whose principle duty is to give advice to tax auditors and objection examiners in international tax and transfer pricing issues identified in the audit and objection phase.

Mr Wawan concentrates on domestic and international tax issues composing of corporate income tax, VAT, transfer pricing, international tax, and tax management. In the context of transfer pricing and international tax, he specialises in a wide variety of cases involving sale and purchase of tangible products, transfer and license of intangibles, transfer of services, and business restructuring. He also assists clients in preparing the proper transfer pricing documentation for routine compliance reporting (local file, master file, and country-by-country reporting) and for specific purposes such as MAP and APA.

Wawan got a bachelor degree in accounting with a cum-laude predicate from Hasanuddin University in 2004.